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Expert Oversight of Service Offshoring in the Philippines



We assure the success of service offshoring initiatives, driving

superior performance from Philippines-based service partners  

Contact Center/

Customer Engagement

IT Services/

Tech Support

Back Office

Business Processes

Other BPO Services

Customer Support Asia strengthens and "de-risks" the service offshoring lifecycle:

New Service Offshoring Projects

  • Service transition planning and partner qualification (matching of capabilities, skills, and cost) 

  • On-site management of operational readiness (staff hiring/training, site selection/preparation)


Support of Service Operations in the Philippines

  • Root case assessment of service deficiencies; "turnaround" activities

  • Initiatives to optimize the Customer Experience (people, processes, systems)

  • Expansion of existing Philippines-based operations (new sites, new service campaigns)

  • Implementation of ad hoc projects (service changes; compliance-related actions; training)

Inshoring Activities 

  • Oversight of phased service transitions from the Philippines to the client's home country

Our service portfolio assures the success of your service offshoring operations.