Project Scope

Customer Support Asia endeavors to provide clients a simple, economical fee model that's based upon the type of project involved, as follows:


For ad hoc projects at in-production sites:   The project scope will be estimated based upon the client's objectives, such as strengthening SLAs, implementing a new service campaign, or providing "Acting Site Director" management of a site.  Typical project duration is a few to several weeks.  

For new service deployment projects:  Generally, a 10-point fact-finding process will be used to estimate the scope of a turnkey service launch project: 

  1. Scope of the service(s) to be transitioned to a Philippines-based provider

  2. Reasons for offshoring (management cost/operations objectives)

  3. Extent of client's resources to support the project

  4. Past experience with offshoring services, if any

  5. Top concerns and perceived risks

  6. How the service is currently delivered (or should be delivered)

  7. Regulatory and compliance issues, if any

  8. Unique skill sets and training challenges, if applicable

  9. Timeline and critical dependencies (people, systems, operational)

  10. Points of contact and rules of engagement


Typical project duration:  several weeks to several months

Clients should expect to:

  • Provide an appropriate level of internal resources to support various aspects of a project, including a Project Manager and Executive Sponsor

  • Have a frank dialogue about goals, success criteria, and what is feasible within the timeframes desired