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Customer Support Asia's services support both:

  • clients that are just beginning an offshoring initiative; and

  • clients with existing operations in the Philippines (BPO/shared services site) that require oversight and/or some type of targeted project


(for clients that are just beginning an offshoring initiative)

  • Service Outsourcing Plan:   If desired by your organization, we'll help refine your outsourcing plan, factoring in cost goals, process controls, the dynamics of your customer population, and "customer experience" objectives.   

  • Qualifying Prospective Partners:  If you haven't yet selected a service provider in the Philippines, we'll support the selection process to the extent desired by your organization.  Our assessment of "short-listed" prospective partners will consider the complexity of your required service(s), and the range of resources needed to serve your customers.  Typical evaluation criteria include: experience, capabilities, lead times, training, workflow complexity, KPIs/SLAs, infrastructure, security and compliance practices, disaster recovery, and management commitment.   If desired, we'll support your RFI/RFP processes, audit and compliance reviews, and risk assessments.

  • "Fast Track" Partner Recommendation:   We can introduce service providers that commit to competitive service performance and pricing standards.  This option is best-suited for relatively non-complex projects. 

  • Service Readiness Preparations:  Customer Support Asia will extend the reach of your Project Manager, driving your service partner's compliance with its commitments.  We'll collaborate, primarily on-site, with your service provider's site supervisors  and executive team; coordinate training; guide and report on the progress of your partner's pre-launch preparations (organizational, operational, facility, network and system-related); oversee and evaluate pilot tests; and independently evaluate the partner's readiness to launch services on your desired date.  


(customized as required)


  • Post-Cutover Service Surveillance:    Even with careful pre-deployment preparations, service organizations often encounter service delivery issues during the initial weeks after a new service launch.  Sometimes these issues are obvious; in other cases they may be latent, intermittent problems that require care to diagnose.  Customer Support Asia will identify post-deployment service issues; quantify their impact; develop remediation plans, and supervise all necessary corrective actions during the contracted period of time.    

  • Emergency Projects:   We can step in for fixed intervals when a client needs to implement urgent projects, such as time-sensitive service campaigns, service changes, and compliance activities.   Typically each of these projects will require some combination of training, process change, documentation, and evaluation.   If a service partner is performing below expectations, we'll manage the turnaround effort required.  

  • Training Needs:   Customer Support Asia can lead the training of partner talent in the Philippines, whether it relates to product/service knowledge, workflow rules, or general skills development.  Similarly, we can coordinate technical interchanges and management events.

  • Site/Provider Replacement and In-Sourcing Transitions:   When a client desires to migrate service delivery from one site to another, or from one provider to another (including in-sourcing transitions), Customer Support Asia can manage the entire project and guide an orderly transition of services.  


  • Annual Service Partner Oversight:   Customer Support Asia may be contracted on an annual basis to assure consistent service delivery excellence over time.  Ongoing oversight of your service partner will minimize risks associated with personnel turnover,  management changes, system and platform changes (contact center, UC, CRM, etc.) and other service site variables.


Typical areas of focus include:

  • Assessment and reporting of performance against commitments (cost, KPIs/SLAs)

  • Root causes analysis behind escalations and service delivery issues

  • Corrective action plans to address deficient cost or delivery performance

  • Oversight of system and facility changes and service program changes

  • Quarterly or semi-annual on-site evaluation, including manager/supervisor interviews

  • Contingency planning for disaster recovery and identified risks to site operations

  • Revision of case handling/case resolution and workflow procedures

  • Training remediation for service agents and supervisors