Typical Client Offshoring  Projects

Customer Support Asia may be engaged to support a wide variety services that are performed by Philippines-based providers, including: 


  • Contact Center Services: 

    • Account servicing: opening, updating, and closing customer accounts

    • Customer Care and virtual concierge services

    • Sales Engagement:  outbound sales/marketing campaigns 

    • Order/Installation Support:  order status, change requests, delivery coordination, etc

  • IT Related Services

    •  IT Help desk and escalation technical support

    •  Development of web applications and custom applications 

    •  Service delivery for desktop/mobile applications and infrastructure

  • Back Office Business Processes:  

    • Data entry, document validation and processing, error checking

    • Knowledge Process Outsourcing for a wide variety of industries

    • HR, Payroll, Finance and Accounting, Legal, and Insurance workflow processes

    • Procurement/Supply chain services such as order administration, vendor payments

    • Lead generation, digital marketing, and sales support, Marcomm development

    • Medical coding and other structured clinical and care management services

  • Other Services:

    • Collections, payment processing, and troubled account notifications

    • Mortgage and loan servicing

    • Animation, design, and creative services


As detailed in the Services Offered page, we deliver value to our clients by: 

Pre-Deployment Readiness:   Ensuring that a client has the right plan, the right partner, and all necessary site and staff preparations in place prior to the service launch

Post-Deployment Oversight:   Ensuring that a client's BPO partner upholds its contractual commitments and delivers services with consistent excellence and agility

Ad Hoc Interventions:   Providing on-site guidance and control of site and service changes and expansions, training and compliance initiatives, and other service transitions