Value to Clients

Why Our Business Exists:   Few enterprises possess sufficient staff and skills to optimally monitor, guide, and direct their international BPO partners.   Although the Philippines has a superb community of service providers, their attentions are divided across many customer accounts. 


Customer Support Asia provides its clients greatly enhanced visibility and control over the decisions, actions, and performance of their Philippines-based service providers.  The firm extends the reach of its clients, driving superior performance from their service partners.  

Even the most successful partnerships with BPO providers need occasional interventions. 


Competitive Differentiators:  We outperform"big name" consulting firms by:

  • focusing solely on service sites and providers in the Philippines (in 11 key locations*)

  • avoiding overly cozy relationships with BPO firms; "our clients are boss"

  • supplying only those services that your own organization truly needs, filling in gaps in your organization's skill sets and resources

  • offering a simple fee structure, aligning per-week pricing with your project schedule

Additional Considerations for "First Time" Offshoring Deployments:

  • Optimizing Partner Selection:   Selecting the optimal service partner is a substantial task.  The Philippines is home to dozens of large BPOs and several hundred niche providers.  The most well-known BPO firms aren't always an optimal choice for a client's particular service.  We'll always present the pros/cons of large BPOs versus niche providers, highlighting "trade-off" considerations.  A methodical partner evaluation minimizes risk.

  • Robust Pre-Deployment Processes:  The successful offshoring of services requires exceptional care throughout a continuum of activities.   The firm helps clients avoid critical errors early in the offshoring life cycle.  We'll bring expertise to requirements definition and partner readiness, guiding site/staff preparations, training,  facility and system infrastructure, and manage pre-deployment tests and post-launch service enhancements. 

We'll always act within your organization's direction.​

     *11 Regions : Metro Manila/NCR, Cebu, Baguio, Bulacan, Cagayan de Oro, Cavite, Clark/Pampanga, Davao, Iloilo, Laguna, Subic