The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has thrived in many countries, because corporate clients derive real value from properly-managed offshore services.   


Customer Support Asia focuses exclusively on service providers in the Philippines.  Why?

We strongly believe that the Philippines is the best service

offshoring location for most clients, for four reasons:

Depth and Sophistication of the Philippines' Outsourcing Industry
  • Unparalleled range of service providers, from “mega-BPOs” to highly specialized niche providers; highly differentiated services

  • Countless centers of best practices in the industry, especially in omni-channel contact centers, which are truly the world's best

  • Tremendous depth of experience across multiple industries and business applications

  • Wide adoption of superior technology, made possible by powerful economies of scale – especially in unified communications, workflow automation, and CRM integration

  • Highly dispersed geographic sites – enabling flexible site selection, operational resiliency,  and ease of expansion.  Significant contact center sites exist in at least 20 provinces

Cultural Factors
  • The "service culture" of Filipinos is exceptional and undisputed; Filipino service professionals are cheerful, energetic, and delightful to work with

  • Filipino workers have native or highly fluent English skills; verbal interactions with American, Canadian, or European customers rarely pose the "accent challenges" that exist in other countries

  • Filipinos are highly familiar with American culture and accustomed to American language patterns, a particular benefit for American clients

Cost Effectiveness
  • The cost of services that are delivered by Filipino BPOs, contact center providers, and Shared Services firms compares favorably with firms in India, Indonesia, and other major outsourcing locations

  • Evidence of the cost-effectiveness of Philippines outsourcing operations is apparent in the trend of Indian BPOs (such as TCS and Wipro) expanding operations in the Philippines

  • The ongoing expansion of facilities well outside the National Capital Region (NCR) and Cebu City has restrained cost growth of services

Industry Access to Highly Educated Staff

The Philippines has a strong education system, yet its economy lacks a wide number of high-growth industries.  


The result:  The country's BPO industry has access to a highly educated wealth of employee talent.  Well-educated employees strengthen the quality of services delivered to corporate clients.

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